A new breed of distributed energy service companies, PAYGO financing, and catalytic capital offer promise of increased electrification. But constraints to reaching scale remain.

Limited Data & Transparency

Consumer targeting, market intelligence and customer creditworthiness determination is ineffective and inexact, limiting targeted sales and precision cash flow projections.

Little Flexibility, Liquidity & Scale

Viable multi-country, multi-operator investments with requisite ticket sizes are lacking. Financial and social returns are imprecise, while opaque portfolio performance and ineffective risk pricing reduce viable receivables-backed financing opportunities.

Broken Credit Scoring Models

Markets lack clarity on characteristics of repayment behaviors and future payment predictability, creating missed sales opportunities and inaccurate portfolio risk assessment.


Nithio is the solution for scaling off-grid energy.

We increase the ecosystem's effectiveness by

advancing customer intelligence with AI-driven insights and by channeling capital through a

financial intermediary platform for investors and solar operators. 


"The PAYGO business creates affordability by extending a consumer loan which needs to be financed. This need to fund receivables can range from USD 35-65 million per company or even higher.


Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report - 2018


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