One Platform.

Millions of Africans Connected to Affordable, Clean and Efficient Energy.



Geospatial Customer Profiling

We merge point-of-sale and repayment data with spatial data layers to enable unparalleled market and neighborhood granularity. This provides immediate predictive contexts and targeting capabilities for operators. 

Consumer Credit Scoring

Our credit scoring models segment and predict future repayment patterns for customers. The AI-driven models distill millions of data points to identify distinguishing characteristics and drivers of repayment.

Portfolio Performance and Operating Efficiency

Analytics are applied to improve client operations by projecting more precise cash flows, balance risk across the customer base and negotiate attractive working capital financing through portfolio insights.   



Receivables-Backed Financing Vehicle

Nithio provides an opportunity for debt and concessional fund providers to participate in a multi-country, multi-operator vehicle to electrify millions of households while maintaining resiliency, scale and viability.

Investment Rigor and Precision Impact

Investment decisions are based on high-resolution analysis of household risk informed by Nithio's advanced Analytics offering. This helps avoid market distortion, ensures that assistance reaches households in need and ensures operator access to affordable financing.

Catalytic Funding, Multiplied

Investing multiplier effect due to the rollover of investments into new receivables. Customer scoring and repayment insights, driven by advanced analytics, improve performance.